In this week’s EMS news items we’ll take a look at several articles that have to do with EMS leadership qualities in outreach, patient care, and system improvement. Then in this week’s special tip segment, I bring you a look at the first of our product innovator picks from the EMS Today 2015 conference held last month in Baltimore. My friend and fellow paramedic Dan White came over to our booth to talk about the i-Gel supraglottic airway management device. Check out that segment later in the episode after the news.

iGel-300x238Starting off my coverage of innovative products from EMS Today 2015 is a look at a product brought to me by my good friend and former EMS blogger, Dan White. Dan has been in EMS since the mid-1980’s and in that time he has been a paramedic, a product rep for various medical devices, and an inventor of EMS tools and gear for the field. Dan brought me over to the booth in which he was working to show me the i-Gel LMA style advanced airway.

The i-Gel is an anatomically molded supraglottic airway that can be rapidly inserted to quickly manage an airway in patients that are difficult to intubate or in situations where intubation is not available (BLS-only situations) or as a quick response adjunct in resuscitation attempts. Check out this segment from the recent EMS Today conference in our Physio-Control Podcast Studio.

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