In this week’s EMS news items we’ll look at the new national EMS clinical guidelines that have been released recently. Then in this week’s tip of the week segment we feature EMS past, present and future in one of our product innovator picks from EMS Today 2015 last month. Disaster Podcast host Sam Bradley saw value and innovation in the history of EMS and the long line of innovative patient care tools we have used along the way. What can you do to support the mission of the national EMS museum? We’ll find out later in the show after the news.

ems_mus_logoAt EMS Today 2015 in the Physio-Control podcast studio, I was joined by Chris Montera of the EMS Garage and Disaster Podcast host Sam Bradley to look at our product picks for innovation at the conference. Sam came up with a unique pick for her choice. Sam chose the innovations of past EMS providers as featured in the National EMS Museum that had a booth at the conference.

Kristy Van Hoven from joined us in the studio to talk about the current virtual EMS museum and their push to raise funds to have a permanent site for the museum in the future. Check out this interview that looks at how far we’ve come in EMS and how far we need to go in the future! Check it out!

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