I have a fantastic show coming up for you this week including a look at how one EMS system is educating it’s public about the EMS system and how it works. That’s coming up in the news this week. Then, after the news, we jump in to a continuation of our series on allergic reactions with a look at the medications albuterol and atrovent our nebulizer meds for allergic reaction and asthma. All of that is coming up next here on the MedicCast.

inhaler_nebulizerComing up in this week’s tip of the week is a continuation of our series on allergic reactions. This week, we’ll continue to look at medications used to treat allergic reactions and similar problems. Last week we looked at diphenhydramine and the week before that, epinephrine. This week we’ll look at the nebulized medications of Albuterol and Atrovent in this emergency medical services medication review.

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