David Page, EMTP

We’ve got a great show coming up for you this week including a look at the week in EMS News. We’ll also take a look at more from EMS Today with a look at the Freedom House project, providing needy youths EMS training as EMTs. Founder David Page won the EMS 10 innovator award for his work on this project. All of that is coming up soon here later on in the MedicCast.

In this week’s tip of the week I bring you a segment from the EMS Today 2013 conference earlier last month where guest host Chris Montera, from the EMS Garage, interviewed EMS 10 awardee David Page. Dave organized a training program for underprivileged teens in his community called Freedom House. Freedom House trains these youths to be EMTs and provides them a response location to take care of patients in their community. A special thank you to EMS Today, Penwell, Physio-Control, and JEMS.com for providing us a location for our podcast studio at EMS Today to record this and our other special segments. Let’s go ahead and get into that segment with Chris, Dave and two of the Freedom House students, now.

EMS Garage host Chris Montera.

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