paramedics-working-trauma-patient-300x199We have a great show coming up for you this week in including a news article that looks at an EMT librarian who rides along and helps EMS educators and providers find evidence-based research to back up their EMS practice. Plus, will take a look at some in-depth information on dealing with patients who have suffered blast injuries in this week’s tip of the week. All of that is coming up soon here on the MedicCast.

This week on the show, I’m bringing you a review of dealing with blast injuries. In light of all of the tragedies that happened in the previous couple of weeks including the Boston marathon bombing as well as the West, Texas explosion we all should be paying more attention to blast injuries and dealing with them. I’ve found some really good materials to share with you and some excellent links to additional resources that you can use to follow-up on the next two tip segments here at the MedicCast. Let’s get in to part 1 of the series on dealing with blast injuries.

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