We’ve got a great episode coming up for you including a news item with potential changes to CPR dispatch guidelines for rural and non-urban areas. Plus, we bring you an interview with paramedic and EMS leader Dave Grovdahl on his views about EMS excellence in rural communities. All of that is coming up next here on the MedicCast.

GrovdahlDave Grovdahl is the executive director of a small EMS service in Leflore County, Oklahoma but he has big ideas about the type of service his system can provide. By being creative with the resources he has, Dave is providing a level of service that many urban areas would be proud of. That’s why he won one of the EMS 10 innovator awards this year at EMS Today, 2013. Check out this interview segment I did with David in our podcast studio at EMS Today and, again, a special thank-you to the gang at EMS Today and Pennwell, as well as Physio-Control for making our coverage of this event possible.

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