Walking away from a heart attack, implantable full-time heart monitor, and going full circle from EMT to medical director, plus were going to pick up with part two of our special segment on narrative writing and documentation. All of that coming right up. If that’s what you’re looking for you found it on the MedicCast.

In the Tip of the Week this week, host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic revisits a segment recorded last year with Chris Kaiser from the Life Under the Lights EMS blog. They talk about an article Chris wrote on Six Tricks You Can Use Today to Improve Your EMS Narrative Report. This week the tip segment continues on with part two of that episode tip. You’ll find part 1 in the Tip of the Week portion of the last week’s MedicCast Episode here.

You can find more segments and episodes like this one, produced each week at MedicCast.com/blog and video versions of the shows at MedicCast.tv.

Listen to this episode of the MedicCast show via MP3 here.



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